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OOORAH & welcome to our new Sergeant Major & Congratulations to the Crew of the USS Hawaii on being designated the flagship of TF93!

Posted on 15 Feb 2018 @ 11:38pm by Captain Akio Tachibana
Edited on 05 Jun 2019 @ 2:47pm

Welcome aboard to our new Sergeant Major of the 3d Marine Raider Battalion, SgtMaj Daly! SgtMaj Daly has a very storied and illustrious service record and joins the 3d Marine Raiders from SFMARSOC Training Command.


In case you missed it, the USS Hawaii is the flagship of TF93 as I have taken over duties as TF93's Commanding Officer under RADM Banda.

I will be adding her to our Starfleet Command Manifest in the coming days although she will be posted at PFY with the rest of the TF staff.

I will make the announcement IC when appropriate, so please don't reference it with your characters just yet.

I do want to say this is a great honor for the crew of the USS Hawaii and our success as a sim played into both Patrick/Kosu's selection of me as TFXO under his command and the BFA's confidence in me about taking over TF93. Do not worry though, the Hawaii is still my top priority!

I look forward to continue being inspired by your stories and interactions despite the wrenches I try to throw at you ;)



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