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Action stations! Congratulations to Hawaii Crew & welcome to the new TAO!

Posted on 22 Dec 2017 @ 10:22pm by Captain Akio Tachibana
Edited on 05 Jun 2019 @ 2:56pm

A big congratulations to the Hawaii Crew for being named TF93's Sim of the Month for November!

The Task Force is taking notice of our simulation and we are crafting a unique story with amazing characters.

Additionally, we officially welcome: LTJG Jack Elliott who is our new Tactical Actions Officer (TAO)! LTJG Elliott hails from England and comes to us after a Liaison Assignment to Bajor.


I hope everyone has safe travels if you are going anywhere for the holidays.

I am enjoying the JPs that are shaping up; keep up the great work, crew!

The Deck Listing has been color coded so it's easier to find locations.


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