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Approaching Bre'el IV [Mission Update]

Posted on 16 Dec 2017 @ 10:46pm by Captain Akio Tachibana
Edited on 05 Jun 2019 @ 2:58pm

File Photo of Bre'el IV

Bre'el IV is largely an oceanic, tropical planet with two main continents. Its capital city is located 40 clicks north of a mountain range and thirty clicks east of the nearest town.

The USS Hawaii is less than 18 hours from Bre'el IV and the Operations Department, led by LT Nimh, is currently investigating a message directed to the USS Hawaii from Bre'el IV:

Message follows and was received by OPS around 0300 via audio:

"Bre'el IV to USS Hawaii, we do not want any part of this war. Please keep your distance."

Message repeats.

VADM Anin of TF93 Command informed USS Hawaii that Bre'el IV requested the dialogue in the first place.

LT Nimh determined the message was specifically directed to the USS Hawaii.

Meanwhile, the Marine Detachment is preparing to execute their mission: installing a covert long range sensor outpost on Bre'el IV.

Delta Company is providing perimeter security for any stray animals or nosy herders. Bravo Company is providing the muscle to piece the sensor together.

Last but not least, the USS Potsdam, a Rhode Island-class vessel, has caught up to the USS Hawaii after her launch to make a last minute delivery: USS Hawaii's Diplomatic Detachment led by LT Zamora who takes his new assignment separated from his family at Providence Fleet Yards. The two ships are preparing to conduct a near-warp transport, a rare and complicated operation.


The watch stations are finalized within LCARS. Keep in mind, these are not necessarily positions, rather duties while performing watch. If the watch station is in your field, you would perform that duty during your watch as opposed to appointing another officer.

Crew awards have been updated with medals corresponding to ribbons!


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