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Commander Juan Zamora (Dec [CDO]-Jan 2389 - TRSNFR to Gorn Dip.)

Name Juan Jorge Zamora (Dec [CDO]-Jan 2389 - TRSNFR to Gorn Dip.)

Position Executive Officer (XO)

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83m
Weight 69kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Juan is a man who knows the value of a first impression, so he takes great care to maintain his appearance. He keeps his black hair neatly styled, and manages all the other aspects of his dress and hygiene with rigorous attention to detail. He has trained himself out of any nervous or idiosyncratic tics and movements, keeping himself very still and focusing intently on whatever or whomever draws his attention. He can be very expressive or totally inscrutable, having developed a masterful "poker face" to hide behind whenever he needs it. Overall he maintains a carefully constructed balance of approachability and gravitas.


Spouse Maria Fielding
Children Reina Zamora
Father Diego Zamora
Mother Gloria Diaz
Sister(s) Claudia Zamora
Other Family Donaldo Zamora (Uncle)
Eddie Zamora (Cousin)
Duncan Zamora (Edddie's Son)
Carlie Zamora (Eddie's Daughter)
Anita Carruso (Sister-in-law)
Carmen Zamora (Niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite being fairly quiet, Juan is a very social person, with a personality characterized by incisiveness and empathy. He has always been good at picking up on the undercurrents of any group or interaction, reading the emotions and intentions of those around him and painting a picture of their inner state. At times some people find this a little disconcerting, as Juan can seem to be looking through someone when he's trying to get a read on them. He is very serious about his work and goes about his day in a cool and dignified manner. when the situation allows he is jovial and friendly, exceedingly easy to get along with. He knows very well how to liven up any space he enters and can exude magnetic charisma practically on command. Even if he's friendly, Juan can be difficult to be friends with, he keeps his cards close to the chest, holding others at arms length, and only maintains a small inner circle of those he considers to be his "true" friends. His sense of compassion is well developed and he takes care to conduct himself in an honorable and upstanding manner. He possesses a strong idea of the man he wants to be and always strives to improve himself and the world around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Natural Mediator
Experienced Negotiator

Ambitions Juan dreams big: he imagines the day when all the nations of local space are united under the banner of the Federation, each species contributing their energies and unique perspective to a greater whole. A greater Federation that is expanding ever outward into the galaxy bringing their message of peace, harmony, and self determination to all the peoples of the Milky Way, and eventually even other galaxies. It's unlikely that any individual being could build this future, but he wants to do his part to make this dream a reality.
Hobbies & Interests For the past 12 years one of Juan's primary interests has been fatherhood, he is devoted to his daughter, she is the apple of his eye and he loves nothing more than to dote on her. Now, with his mission forcing him and his family to separate, he finds himself at loose ends, not sure of what to do with all of his time. He is a naturally curious person and loves to pick up whatever information he can about his surroundings or any topics that have struck his fancy. He maintains a professional interest in alien cultures, and an abiding personal interest in cuisine, he is thrilled at the chance to sample alien delicacies, and spends a great deal of his time working to improve his social graces. Those who know Juan well will also know that he adores lowbrow B-grade entertainment and goes through books and films at a frightening pace.

Personal History Juan grew up in the Laredo/Nuevo Laredo Metropolis in North America, he had a happy childhood and wanted to give back to the community he loved. Following his growing sense of citizenship, he enrolled in law school and set himself up as a lawyer and ombudsman, offering his services to any who needed them, particularly those who had fallen through the cracks in the system. Following the Dominion War Juan Joined Starfleet, wanting to help rebuild after the destruction, and hoping that he could play some part in building a structure for lasting peace between the great powers of the galaxy. His decision certainly wasn't harmed by the prospect of being closer to the lovely Ensign Fielding with whom he had slowly been building a relationship over the past few years. Soon enough the two had been married and had their daughter Reina. Due to the drive to stay in a posting that would allow them to stay together as a family Juan and Maria only served on one ship between the time he graduated and his posting to the Hawaii. There were times when both had to choose to defer advancing their careers in order to stay together, but they had each other, and their work was still important. Even if their ship stayed on relatively low risk assignments, Juan had opportunities to show his worth as a negotiator. Eventually though, movement couldn't be put off any longer, and Juan found himself assigned to a difficult posting on the USS Hawaii. Maria managed to find a posting at Providence Fleet Yards. She and Juan hope that this change can be good for Reina, and allow her to grow up in a larger community and perhaps less in the shadow of her parents. Although the adjustment has been difficult, Juan holds out hope that he can do his part to see this conflict ended quickly, even as events proceed at a breakneck pace and he must come to grips with the radically new direction his life has taken.
Service Record 2376-2378 Starfleet Academy
Already possessing certain technical qualifications, Juan went through an accelerated program focusing on officer training along with a few supplemental courses on topics relating to Diplomacy and International Affairs.

2378-2388 USS Matsumoto
Served an extended tour aboard the starship Matsumoto, participating in a mixture of humanitarian, diplomatic & low risk exploratory missions as well as trade protection. Recognized for skillful and effective work while in this position.

2388- USS Hawaii
Posted to starship Hawaii in the Gorn conflict zone, rising rapidly through the ranks to become XO.