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Meet the Female NCOs of Hawaii Plus Awards, Promotions, and a New Mission!

Posted on 25 May 2019 @ 10:09pm by Captain Akio Tachibana
Edited on 26 Jun 2019 @ 2:54am

This month's feature is our female Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs): Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer (ETC) Jessica Wilson, Senior Chief Master-at-Arms (MACS) Isabella Kelly (pictured above left), and Yeoman First Class (YN1) Halona Grayson (pictured above right).

Our NCOs not only provide specialized tasks to the departments they serve, yet they also provide leadership to the enlisted crew and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) also provide leadership to the Officers they mentor.

ETC Wilson is an Electronics Technician by trade and serves as the Engineering Leading Chief Petty Officer (ENGLCPO), which means she oversees the enlisted personnel of the Engineering Department as their SNCO. Between Lieutenants Deeli Kosu (CHENG) and Iria Taltos (ACHENG), that means ETC Wilson is quite busy, ensuring the tasks of the Engineering Officers are dutifully carried out.

MACS Kelly is a Master-at-Arms by trade and serves as the Tactical/Security Leading Chief Petty Officer (TACSECLCPO), overseeing the enlisted personnel of the Tactical/Security Department as their SNCO. MACS Kelly has also been instrumental in managing the experimental K9 Division. She is often seen assisting LTJG Harry Stevens (ATACSEC), the senior officer of the department, ensuring the ship is secure and ready for battle.

YN1 Grayson is a Yeoman and serves as the Executive Department Lead Petty Officer (ADMIN). While she is not a SNCO yet, she is the Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge (NCOIC) of the Executive Department, overseeing the ship's paperwork. She is often seen assisting the Command Team, Commanders Tolkath (2XO/CSO) and Juan "JJ" Zamora (XO) along with Captain Akio Tachibana (CO) in executing their duties. As a Yeoman, she is trained in protocol and is very hospitable to visiting officers. YN1 Grayson is also talented in foreign languages, so she can often be seen assisting the Diplomatic Department as well. During battle, her station is in the CIC, staffing the comms.

USS Hawaii was named Task Force 93's Simulation of the Month for April! [Note: TF-level awards aren't announced until the following month.]

Following the Battle of Canterra IV, the following personnel were promoted and earned decorations as noted (to be awarded at a later ceremony):

Rafe Cassidy
Chief Flight Control Officer (CONN)

Jinn Tevran
Chief Intelligence Officer (INT)

Kyle Walken
Element Leader, 2d Marine Special Operations Team (2MSOT/EL)

Starfleet/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
LT T'Lara, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
LT Amiri Aldana, 365, D.V.M., M.D., Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)
LTJG Eira Cortez, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer (AINT)
1stLt Gregor Goss, Team Leader, 3d Marine Special Operations Team (3MSOT/TL)
1stLt Eleanor Hargreaves, Team Leader, 4th Marine Special Operations Team (4MSOT/TL)
ENS Anyi Nila, Chief Operations Officer (OPS)

Starfleet Commendation Medal
LT Deeli Kosu, Chief Engineering Officer (CHENG)

Joint Service Commendation Medal
Maj Terrance "Terry" West, CO, 3d Marine Raider Battalion (3MRBN/CO)

Meritorious Service Medal
CDR Tolkath, Second Officer/Chief Science Officer (2XO/CSO)
CDR Juan "JJ" Zamora, Executive Officer (XO)

Defense Meritorious Service Medal
CAPT Akio Tachibana, Commanding Officer (CO)

The USS Hawaii concluded the Battle of Canterra IV and established ground operations.

She now embarks on her next mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters


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