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Is that an Emotional Support Animal? Yes, it is! Meet Sombra, PLUS Promotions and New Orders

Posted on 30 Jan 2019 @ 10:46pm by Captain Akio Tachibana
Edited on 26 Jun 2019 @ 2:57am

Sombra is an On-Call Therapy Animal when she is not supporting LT Amiri Aldana 365.

Recently, Sombra saw action in helping out Sickbay during the Second Battle of XFY.

In the Aftermath of the Second Battle of XFY, Hawaii suffered 5 KIA & 42 WIA. 18 of the 25 recovered POWs from the USS Wyoming were also injured.

Currently, the Hawaii is conducting repairs before making the approximately 3-week journey to Canterra IV. (OOC: We will be doing a time jump, although there are many in-transit posts brewing!)

Hawaii's orders are clear: Establish Ground Operations on Canterra IV.

Congratulations to the following personnel on their promotions!

Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor
CO, Bravo Marine Special Operations Company (BMOSC/CC)
3d Marine Raider Battalion

Harry Stevens
Chief Tactical & Security Officer (TACSEC)
USS Hawaii

Iria Taltos
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (ACHENG)
USS Hawaii


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