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Congratulations, Harry, you're Chief Tactical/Security Officer & End of Second Battle of XFY

Posted on 27 Dec 2018 @ 2:22am by Captain Akio Tachibana
Edited on 05 Jun 2019 @ 2:22pm

Ensign Harry Stevens hails from Basildon, England and is an avid archer. The Hawaii is the young ensign's first posting and he originally joined the crew as our 2nd Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer during the Bre'el IV Mission before becoming the 4th Chief Tactical/Security Officer of the USS Hawaii when LT Winchester was transferred to XFY.

While inexperienced as seen during the elusive hunt for the Gorn CMO aboard the Hawaii when he went missing, Ensign Stevens has proven himself capable during battle situations and CAPT Tachibana has come to rely upon his protection, including the services of Lady Sif, Ensign Stevens's K9 companion.

The Second Battle of XFY has concluded. The USS Hawaii is conducting repairs and taking care of after action items.

The new-type Gorn Cruiser was allowed to escape to tell the tale of the Gorn defeat after the Hercules Battlegroup, consisting of a dozen ships that will accompany the USS Hawaii and USS Devonshire to Canterra, warped-in just in time to destroy one of the saucers of the Gorn cruiser that was on a collision course with XFY.

The Hawaii boarding party, led by CDR Tolkath, was able to retrieve a Gorn raider, runabout class, vessel during their return. They were also able to rescue 25 survivors of the USS Wyoming, including Sgt Kyle Walken and ENS Edtoto Nar'Sivaro.

Yet, there were casualties aboard the Gorn cruiser, including the incapacitation of LT Kosu when she was studying one of the new Gorn torpedoes.

The Hawaii will be heading up Battlegroup Hawaii while the USS Devonshire heads up Battlegroup Devonshire, each with their own sets of orders for the next objective of the Gorn Campaign: Canterra.


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