Your bio may be edited by the CO in accordance with rules of grammar/spelling as well as general adherance to character creation guidelines.

If you don't receive an answer within 36 hours, please contact the CO or XO, email addresses can be found on the crew roster. See you on board soon!

As a member of the crew, you are allowed up to 4 NPCs controlled by you. Feel free to submit additional bios for these supporting roles. You may only hold one senior staff position though.

In addition, during the course of the investigation/mission, if there is any document/info/data that you require for your character's part in the investigation, feel free to email to the CO asking for such.

Note: As a member of the crew, you are expected to post at least once a month, but are certainly encouraged to be more active. Failure to maintain activity will result in your character becoming an NPC before their departure from the storyline.

Disclaimer: This RPG is Rated 16+ due to mature themes that may be encountered during our missions.